Submissions Criteria


Your presentation may be a solo voice, or a voice/instrument, or voice/many instruments, in any genre, (except those exclusions listed below)--bring it on. We're letting Spirit determine which ministries we'll support, however, we'll only support excellent ones; period. [You will have enough to contend with; if your music isn't excellent first, and accomplishing all those things, you don't belong here, because you won't be able to stand the onslaught out there. Hedge your bets by being so doggone good that people just have to shut up, and listen. Then, those that may hear, let them hear.]
Minimum Criteria

a) Thematically, the songs must directly represent the individual's [yours, or another's (real, or fictitious)] relationship with, or attributes, or worship of, or any other ministerial expression relative to the Anointed One, and/or the Anointing, i.e. Jesus, and/or the Holy Spirit; (as the Holy Bible does, the latter, in your writing, may be referred to in either gender, Masculine, or Feminine);
b) be singer/songwriter-based, (with acoustic, or electronic [including Techno] accompaniment)
c) be at least 18 years of age;
d) have verifiable history of ministry, (1 year min, could be the church choir, as long as you made a remarkable ministerial contribution to it, e.g. section leader, manager..., development [funding]...);)
e) you are not performing primarily Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, Dancehall, (Death Metal-like) Metal;
f)  you must be competitive with the world's best in your genre--when both are played in comparison, others agree that yours gives hers, or his, or theirs a run for the money!;
g) (only amateurs send songs as email attachments)--submissions must be delivered by email, as links to files that we may download, or listen to directly online.

All contracts are governed by laws and treaties of the State of California, and the United States of America.

We accept unsolicited  submissions. However, after you've submitted something, don't call us. If you need confirmation that we've received your submission, require a delivery confirmation from us when we open the message. If we're to work with you, you'll hear from us, within 6 months of your submission; if you have not been contacted in that regard, within that time frame, our silence is not an indication of your viablity, or value; it's simply, probably, that the recorded representation does not match what we intend to share with the rest of the Body of Christ, and the world. (Yes, the world--you may be in it, and not of it, but, for Love's sake, you sure can make it rock, so, be not afraid to make your Music a magnet as well!)

Thanks much, al!!


Arta Yána Submissions (unsolicited are okay)

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