FAQs (For ministries)


Note: For the record, Arta Yana does not participate in the discussion about whether "God Hates Fags", and such related diatribe. All we care about is giving you an opportunity to share Love through your music, globally, despite the Church's denial of the verity, and viability, of your spiritual gifts, and ministry.

How does it work?

Here's the gist:
Arta Yána signs you to a 2-year contract, with a running 1-year [mutual] option. You retain all copyrights to your music; composition, and phonograph. You provide Arta Yána with masters you'd like to distribute as an album, along with art, and liner notes, and the order in which you want the songs. You also give us the exclusive right to distribute, and to license those particular recordings, on your behalf.

Arta Yána releases your music digitally
. We package your product, and launch the distribution of your music in at least 200 countries, setting a release date 30 days afterwards. When you have your CD release party, your project is already available to consumers everywhere.

We also launch an intensive, one-year industry-focused (rather than consumer-focused) promotion of your product
[per product], and of your ministry--without limiting that promotion to the sacred music sector of the industry. [If you music has Top 40 potential, we'll up the noise about it in the industry, and do our best to put it on a Billboard, or comparable chart.] Our service is designed to elevate you to a level of visibility, and demand, within the music industry, that may result in your ministry really taking flight by the end of the two years we commit to your ministry.

Certainly, you may easily leverage the industry visibility for better exposure to your audience, however, we're working on the back end for you, applying our resources to helping you lay a firm foundation that will withstand the turbulence of the combined music business+ministry+anti-LGBT opposition to your ministry that you may expect during the first two years of you being out there. With excellent management for your ministry, that foundation may easily be leveraged into radical ministry opportunities within, and totally outside of the Contemporary Christian Music box.

In remuneration for our services, we receive 10% of the gross sales earnings you receive from whatever we distribute, or license for you. The licensing earnings you equally split with us, 50/50. (Of our 50%, 1/5 [or 10% of the total gross] is ours, 4/5 [or 40% of the total gross] goes to our licensing team.)

Do I need to pay anything up front?

No. We have a specific budget set for each project--the same amount--which we must recoup before we pay out your share of the earnings. At most, that amounts to $10,000 per album. We're not expecting you do be a big star, right out of the gate, so, it's fair to say that, although you don't pay us anything up front, you do need to invest in your ministry in other ways that make the album's production investment pay off for you financially.

What kind of acts are you looking for?

Strong, articulate, radical, bold, trailblazing, heartwarming, Spirit-filled singer/songwriters; exclusively. People who walk in the Power of the Holy Ghost, and who wear the Anointing like a second skin. People who make you feel like you're in God's Presence when they're near you. People with "it", in their music, and in their personal auras. People who shine, even when they choose to linger in the shadows. Personalities--no divas, prima donas, or prima dons--but, definitive, compelling, accessible, and articulate.

What "sound" are you looking for?

New; innovative; upside-yo-head jammin', through-your-heart-like-a-bullet passion; honest; revealing; scathing; "fierce", healing, comforting, inspiring--music that changes people's hearts, minds, and way of thinking as they hear it--effectively, we're seeking music that causes people who have resisted LGBT music ministries to wonder how they could have ever been so prejudiced, heartless, and stupid. See the
submissions criteria for applicable genres.

Is Arta Yána limited to serving American, or English-speaking ministries?

No. It is the MUSIC we're concerned about; as long as the words are aligned with the label's mission, we don't care how what's said is said, by any given ministry, as long as it gets said, and leaves a lasting, positively transforming impression on those who hear it being said.

(If there are applicable ministries in countries like Russia, or Nigeria, or Jamaica, i.e. nations with notorious, institutionalized, anti-LGBT societies, and your music meets the
submissions criteria, we're not governed by those laws, and we're free to share your voice with the world; you just need to be organized, brave, or bold enough to be out whille we're doing so--we're not runnin', and you can't hide; not here. We'll do everything we can do prevent you from being harmed, but protecting your from social consequences of your ministry is not a part of our recording contract.)

Why are you limited to singer/songwriter-based ministries?

This is a Spirit-led operation, and that's
the segment of the [large] LGBT music ministry population Spirit has directed us to serve; exclusively, until advised to expand. When Holy Spirit directs us to expand beyond that framework, we'll distribute music from group-based ministries.

Do you release conventional CDs?

No; we only distribute digitally. (However, we may easily facilitate that for you, if you wish. In that case, the manufacturing costs would be credited to your account, and must be resolved before your receive your CD earnings. That practice is decades-old; a standard of the music industry.)

Do you use Christian distribution networks?

We may, however we don't. Art of Pop, our parent company, established its own secular distribution network, and it works just fine--it don't need no fixin'; we just need to work it.
Although we still haven't signed anyone, our distribution system, (which includes distribution via the Orchard), is already highly competitive with every indie record label in the world; they may have larger promotion, and marketing budgets, perhaps exponentially larger, however, the main issue is to get your music OUT there, and we'll put it in every favorite digital outlet that they can.

We're not opposed to working with Christian music distributors; we're just don't need to in order to get your music into more places than they will.
Any applicable Christian music distributor that wishes to release Arta Yána products may do so. Their alliance with us, [which is appropriate, and which we welcome], will be all gravy for our artists. (We like gravy; especially when it's thick, and it's got the flavor, and aroma of L'Amour!)

Why are there separate ministries for each letter; do they perform only for people in those categories?

Collectively, each group experiences spiritual concerns that are remarkable to them, in particular. Hence, there are music ministers from those groups that address those specific needs. (
People are people; a spiritual gathering focused on a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender/transsexual demographic, respectively, may simply be more effective when the music ministry is provided by one of their own, respectively.) The best ministries, (LGBT, and non-LGBT), address those needs for their particular group in a way that ministers to every group, everywhere, i.e. the whole world. Arta Yána chooses to serve the Body with the best.

Did Art of Pop decide to turn "Christian", and startup
Arta Yána to exploit GLBT/LGBT Christian ministries?

Art of Pop was producing, and marketing for both secular, and sacred demographics; primarily secular.
The decision to change is the outcome of the company president/CEO's communication with Holy Spirit. The only exploitation we are concerned about is our exploiting Art of Pop's distribution network to the fullest.

Is Arta Yána aligned with any particular church, or demonination?

Arta Yána is aligned with the United Church of Christ, in particular relationship with Bishop Dr. Yvette Flunder's City of Refuge, in San Francisco.

Arta Yána Submissions (unsolicited are okay)
Read the submissions criteria
before doing so!


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